Pro/Design is a free, one-day conference about building design-driven organizations.

Good design is more than good business.
It's essential business.

Yet many organizations are hesitant, unprepared, or unclear about how to empower design as a competitive differentiator. How do individuals, teams, and companies transform themselves to become design-driven?

At Pro/Design, we'll explore--from a variety of perspectives--paths to leading with design.

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Who Should Attend?

Designers, product managers, developers, and anyone who is interested in bringing a design focus to their work will gain insights from Pro/Design. We encourage attendees at all levels of experiences, from all types and sizes of businesses, to attend.

Code of Conduct

Pro/Design is deciated to providing a safe, harassment-free conference experience for all participants regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion. Learn More

On the Blog

Interview: John Devanney has been designing digital products for more than 15 years and as a principal at Moment, he has led design engagements for many well-known and successful companies. We spoke to him about his experience as a digital product designer. Continue Reading


  • Interculturalism + Design: Exceptional Design Through Intentional Interactions

    Francesca Wedemeyer
  • Digital Products Created Differently

    John Devanney
  • Designing Enterprise Software

    Michelle Kirby
  • Designing with Web Components

    Jason Delia
  • Silver Linings, When Building a Team Fails

    David Farkas
  • How to Design a Community

    Saron Yitbarek
  • How Playful Experiences Shape Memorable Products

    Brian Putz
  • The Composition of Tasty Products: Steak, Sizzle, and Style

    Matt Ventre
  • Good Communication is Good Design

    Sofia Millares
  • Story First: A Narrative Approach to Building Successful Products and Services

    Donna Lichaw
  • Communicating Design Through Rapid Prototyping

    Casey Hald
  • No One Team Should Have All That Power: Understanding Who Owns Design in the Product Development Process

    Monet Spells


MarketSite is a small venue, and as a result, only around 100 tickets will be available. The conference is sold out. To add yourself to the waiting list, send your name and email address to


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PRO/Design offers your company an opportunity to reach a design-focused audience of established practitioners and newcomers. Sponsorship opportunities include a range of levels,and we can customise a sponsorship package that will fit your needs.

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Pro/Design is led by a team of product designers with experience in organizing conferences and contributing to the greater design community.