• Speaker: John Devanney

    January 27, 2015 • Sylvia Lee

    John Devanney has been designing digital products for more than 15 years and as a principal at Moment, he has led design engagements for many well-known and successful companies. So when we began planning Pro/Design, he came immediately to mind as a speaker. We spoke to him about his experience as a digital product designer. Can you tell us how you got into the role of building digital products that you are in today? I...

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  • Speaker: Adena Friedman

    January 26, 2015 • Tami Evnin

    Adena Friedman, President of Nasdaq, will give the welcome remarks at Pro/Design. She has served many management roles at Nasdaq for over a decade, and most recently served as CFO and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group before returning to Nasdaq as President. She is a strong supporter of our Product Design team and infusing our company’s product development process with design. What does “design-enabled” mean to you as an executive? Design helps us deeply...

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  • Speaker: Kristy Tillman

    January 5, 2015 • Francesca Wedemeyer

    Kristy Tillman is the Design Director at Society of Grownups. Most recently she was a designer at IDEO, working on everything from mobile apps to insulin pens. She's always looking for ways to push design and integrate best design practices across digital and print. Kristy’s dedication to design makes her a great addition to our program at Pro/Design and we feel lucky to have her speaking at our event. Tell us about your new job, your...

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  • Our Ticketing Policy

    November 11, 2014 • Amy Silvers

    We've mentioned that tickets are going to be limited, and that we'll be releasing them in batches. Now that the first batch is almost available, we wanted to offer a bit of explanation of this policy. As a design team, we see ourselves as connected to the wider design community, especially the local one here in New York City. We've thought about that sense of connection as we've planned Pro/Design, and we had certain goals...

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  • Speaker: Anna Ewing

    November 4, 2014 • Tami Evnin

    We are proud to introduce our plenary speaker, Anna Ewing, Executive Vice President of Corporate Solutions at Nasdaq. Anna has won various business leadership and technology strategy awards and was ranked 13th in Institutional Investor’s 2013 Tech 50. She has been a strong advocate for design within the Nasdaq product development lifecycle, and has supported Pro/Design since its inception. Tell us about how you've come to be in the role you're in today. If I think about the common thread...

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  • Speaker Announcment

    October 21, 2014 • Amy Silvers

    It took us a while to work out all the details, but we're excited and proud to announce the first batch of speakers at Pro/Design. These speakers each bring a different perspective on how design is shaping the future of business, and their talks will apply their many and varied experiences to ideas and methods for leading with design. We’re honored to have three of Nasdaq’s most senior and seasoned executives speak. They are: Bruce...

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  • Introducing Pro/Design

    September 22, 2014 • Chris Avore

    We’re excited to have you join us in January in New York City as the NASDAQ product design team hosts a single-track, one-day conference exploring how design is changing the future of business, and the organizations that drive it. Over the last 3 years, NASDAQ has been confronting the challenges, opportunities, and subsequent rewards and growing pains of leading an organization’s commitment to product excellence via design. And along the way, we’ve met some really...

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