Pro/Design Conference by NASDAQ

We’re excited to have you join us in January in New York City as the NASDAQ product design team hosts a single-track, one-day conference exploring how design is changing the future of business, and the organizations that drive it.

Over the last 3 years, NASDAQ has been confronting the challenges, opportunities, and subsequent rewards and growing pains of leading an organization’s commitment to product excellence via design. And along the way, we’ve met some really smart people—many of whom we’ve hired, and others we’ve kept close to hear how they lead with design.

This conference is our opportunity to share those ideas with a wider audience so you can determine if this focus—both as an individual and as a business—makes sense for you. We think it probably will.

The program and speakers will reflect the diversity of individuals and experiences needed to successfully lead organizational change via design. Some speakers at Pro/Design will be familiar to many people, but others will be sharing their experiences for the first time.

The name Pro/Design captures much of what we want the conference to explore: design in a professional business environment; organizations that enable, respect, and expect good design; and even the process that leads us on the end-to-end journey of a design effort. And since we ship digital product and primarily work via prototypes as our output, the name stuck. (But really, it was easier to sell to the suits than Daqchella.)